Million dollar vaccine challenge – Piers Morgan offered $1 million to survive 1 000 vaccine shots


Piers Morgan has been offered $1 million if he will agree to be injected with 1,000 off-the-shelf vaccine shots within a two-week period. The offer was made late last week by Alex Jones of and stemmed from a spirited conversation he was sharing with the Health Ranger on live national radio about the fact that mercury, aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde are all still used in vaccines. (See video clip, below.)

Following an hour of discussion about the toxicity of the destructive chemicals and heavy metals still used in vaccines — a fact openly admitted by the CDC — Jones suggested that executives of vaccine companies should be executed if found guilty of crimes against humanity by a lawful court of their peers. Adams suggested that instead of a regular execution, they should simply be injected with large quantities of their own medicines — the very same vaccines that are routinely injected into infants and children across America.

This conversation soon morphed into the idea that Piers Morgan should be offered $1 million if he agrees to be injected with 1,000 vaccines.

See the video here (fast forward to 47:00 for the vaccine discussion):

The Piers Morgan $1 million vaccine challenge is official

Jones then made the announcement official, looking directly into the camera and offering Piers Morgan $1 million if he would take 1,000 vaccine shots over a two-week period, administered under controlled conditions. Both Jones and the Health Ranger predicted Morgan would not be able to survive such an assault of deadly chemicals on the body.

The offer is not a stunt. It is a serious challenge for Piers Morgan, a long-time promoter of vaccines, to prove that they are safe even in the quantities being routinely recommended by vaccine advocates (who ridiculously say that even 100,000 vaccines would be safe for children).

The 1,000 vaccines to be administered to Piers Morgan if he accepts the challenge are:

• 500 Influenza vaccines
• 100 Anthrax vaccines
• 100 Polio vaccines
• 100 Gardasil vaccines
• 100 Hepatitis B vaccines
• 100 Meningitis vaccines

The $1 million vaccine challenge was also extended to any executive of a vaccine manufacturer, opening the challenge to thousands of potential takers.

Will any drug company executives claim the $1 million and agree to be injected with 1,000 vaccines?

Vaccine promoters claim there is no limit to the number of vaccines that can be safely injected

Here's why this challenge is not a joke: Vaccine promoters are on the record saying that there is absolutely no limit to the number of vaccines a child may be safely given. One especially prominent vaccine promoter insists that children can safely receive 100,000 vaccines!

If this is what these people believe, then will any of them step up and agree to be injected with 1,000 vaccines to prove vaccine safety once and for all? Are there any executives from Merck, Pfizer, GSK or other drug companies willing to be injected with 1,000 doses of their own medicine?

Surely someone will step forward to prove, once and for all, that all these vaccines carry no risk whatsoever… right?

Let's give it a few days and find out. I can assure you with a high degree of certainty that no drug company executive is likely to accept this challenge. Not even a CDC official, for that matter. And certainly not Piers Morgan, as he became gravely ill last year after receiving just one flu shot.

If I'm wrong and someone does accept the challenge, then this is going to be one of the most widely-publicized events in medical history. There will be a huge underground industry of betting on how many vaccine shots the person receives before convulsing, losing consciousness or just flat-out dying on the spot.

For the record, I don't wish any harm on anyone, but this demonstration is, as the vaccine industry says, "for the greater good." The death of just one person crazy enough to voluntarily accept this challenge could help save the lives of millions of others who learn the truth about the dangers of vaccines and thereby seek far safer ways to defend themselves against infectious disease. So let's root for some takers on this and hope there's at least one high-level person in the vaccine industry who has enough backbone to step forward and put his own life on the line to demonstrate the "safety" of his own company's vaccines.

But don't hold your breath. Drug company executives aren't suicidal. They know their vaccines can be deadly, which is exactly why they won't accept this challenge.

Watch the full video interview at one of the links below (the conversation about vaccines begins around 47:00)…

Republished from NaturalNews
Written by Mike Adams

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  1. Why should money be an incentive for the manufactures? If they believe the product is safe then they should show all of us that it is indeed safe by taking their own medicine.
    Advocates for evil deserve whatever they get. Evil is evil. Why suffer them? I don't.

  2. I've been ridiculed because I've refused to give vaccines to my child. My stand is no vaccines until he can talk to tell me how he feels. I would not tell him I'm concerned either because I believe some vaccines work as intended. I think the drug companies have gotten greedy and have went way overboard like everything else in this country. By the way, he is 2 and has no allergy's or asthma like my friends who kids had the vaccine schedule.

  3. As much as I dislike Morgan for his preachy, know it all stance, I think this would be a horrible idea to actually do, and it will never happen. This is asking for death or disability. Nobody knows all the ways these materials would interact with each other. There has been no study ever done with this type of scope that I am aware of. It might shut him up, but at the cost of his life… HMMMM

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