Fourteen-year-old GMO protester and activist annihilates bullying TV host


Millionaire power broker and cable news personality Kevin O'Leary, a Canadian clone of Piers Morgan, recently had his head handed to him on a platter by a 14-year-old young woman who schooled him on the issue of unlabeled genetically modified organisms (GMOs). After making a series of arrogant and vulgar comments on the air about how GMO protesters are "stupid" and should "stop eating" in order to "get rid of them," O'Leary was publicly challenged to a debate by Rachel Parent, founder of the group, Kids Right to Know, who later exposed O'Leary on his own show as the biotechnology industry shill and bully that he truly is.

Back in May, when hundreds of thousands of protesters were gathering around the world in support of the March Against Monsanto movement, O'Leary sneered during a segment on The Lang And O'Leary Exchange about how people opposed to GMOs should all just stop eating and die. Repeatedly expressing his personal belief that he is always right about everything, O'Leary held back nothing in praising Monsanto as humanity's "hero," while at the same time decrying those who are concerned about the long-term safety of untested GMOs as "ignorant" and "stupid."

You can watch this disturbing segment with O'Leary, which aired on Canada's CBC News on May 27, 2013, here: http://www.cbc.ca

Not long after this aired, young Rachel, who has been educating the public and her peers about the dangers of GMOs since she was 12 years old, challenged O'Leary to a debate, which he accepted. But rather than tear her down and paint her as an immature child simply lashing out against something she does not fully understand, O'Leary became the butt of his own cruel joke, exposing himself as a corporate shill who will stop at nothing to defend the biotechnology industry, even if it means rehashing lies and throwing out ad hominem attacks against those with whom he disagrees.

"I want to respond to Mr. Kevin O'Leary's idiotic statement about 'stupid' people who protest against Monsanto," declared Rachel during a recent speech she gave prior to the debate. "I challenge you, Mr. O'Leary, to have me on your show next week, and if you promise not to use the word 'stupid,' then I won't use the word fascist," she added, to resounding applause and cheers.

Rachel Parent, the poster child for the future of the anti-GMO movement

Rachel's challenge was accepted, which allowed her the unique opportunity to educate viewers of The Lang and O'Leary Exchange about the fact that GMOs have never been long-term safety tested, for instance, and that genetic modification is not the same thing as hybridization. Without even having to say it herself, Rachel's calm and concise responses to O'Leary's badgering tactics even achieved an admission from O'Leary himself that the public is being used as a collective guinea pig in a massive GMO experiment with unknown consequences.

"We need a long-term study to determine if it's safe for not only our ecosystem but also for our health as well," said Rachel to O'Leary and his co-host when asked about what is needed to appropriately determine whether or not GMOs should be approved and used in the food supply. And O'Leary's response says it all.

"But Rachel, we're in a long-term study — you're eating genetically-modified food whether you like it or not," stated O'Leary, backed up by co-host Amanda Lang who immediately added, "We are the lab rats," to which Rachel responded, "Exactly!"

You really need to watch the full interview for yourself to see O'Leary get buried and ultimately self-deflate his own pathetic arguments: https://youtube.com

You can also learn more about Rachel Parent's organization, Kids Right to Know, by visiting:

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Republished from NaturalNews
Written by Ethan A. Huff

Featured image: http://www.right2knowmarch.org/ by http://www.flickr.com/photos/65421715@N02/6262784640

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One Comment

  1. I will never ever watch his show ever again. That man is a total MORON. He is the one who needs to do more research, or take his big corp. friends out of his butt. When a patent is pending its awaiting approval. These ideas came up to protect people inventions. Re-inventing food is not one of them and I sure don't remember giving my consent to allow another human to own my food and change it to only force me to eat it. Or because he feels that's its his right to feed the world. It sure is funny too. The guys who are yelling we have to feed the world are the ones destroying local farmers. They paid the politicians to start subsidizing GMO food making it way more expensive to farm (regular) organic foods. There is a huge difference between genetically modified food and hybrid foods. Get that straight first. O'Leary, what a loser. A lot of us know exactly how Monsanto got its bills passed. They passed them themselves. When the CEO of Monsanto was "Given the Job" inside the US Government in its own new department on GMO's, wrote up the legislation for GMO's. When he was done he went back to Monsanto. Check it out. Oh and O'Leary is big on Monsanto? If they are real hero's, why was legislation snuck into an already approved draft for the economy that was returned to be signed by Obama after its reprint, was lettering that now stated in the future Monsanto can't be sued for destroying the Human race. Shove your GMO food. The real reason for genetically altering the seed/plant is because they need a plant that "ROUND UP" won't kill. The biggest portion of their profits come from their Bug and weed killers. Why have many countries banned GMO foods. Why is there a row with the EU and the US over the US supplying GMO foods? They don't want it. They did more studies than Monsanto. All 3rd-4th generation animals all go sterile. They can no longer reproduce. Research this people. Contact your MP, Congress person, force Monsanto out. Lets eat real food. All we have to do is support the farmers. Subsidize organic foods, not fake foods.

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