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plasma rocket

Plasma rockets & solar storms

This is a preview of  Cosmic Journeys episode. Ancient people saw them as messages from the Gods... as supernatural winds that blew from the realm of spirits. Modern science has linked these polar light shows, called auroras, to vast waves of electrified gas hurled in


Rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs an 'apocalyptic threat' to humanity, say experts

In the very near future, an "apocalyptic scenario" will more than likely emerge in which simple infections become deadly killers that are completely untreatable using modern medicine. This is the opinion of several prominent medical experts, including the U.K.'s Chief


3D printers - from innovation to copyright infringement

3D printers have been around for a while now, although not many people own them. Not to be confused with Lenticular printing (which creates illusion of depth), 3D printing is a sequential process of creating three-dimensional solid objects of virtually any shape

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Explore the future's rising seas - New map pinpoints cities to avoid as sea levels rise

For the last 100 years sea levels have been rising. Several processes are at work so the levels of rising seas are not equal everywhere - while at some places land is sinking, at the other is rising. Stronger currents create slopes in sea surface, and since all


Daily satellite data about the condition of the Greenland ice sheet

The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) launched a new website called Greenland Ice Sheet Today which provides daily satellite data about the condition of the Greenland ice sheet. The website also provides analysis, when possible, and will serve not only

to_infinity_and_beyond_by_clear_green d4bktoc

"Infinity is bigger than you think"

Sometimes infinity is even bigger than you think... Dr James Grime explains with a little help from Georg Cantor.  Credit: NumbersphileMinute Physics video on this topic: How to count infinity?Featured image:To Infinity and Beyond by


Spitzer space telescope observations reveal unusual infant binary star

NASA's Spitzer space telescope observed a rare phenomenon - an infant binary star behind a dense disk and envelope of dust 950 light-years away from Earth flashes at regular intervals. NASA report published on February 7, 2013 says such phenomenon has been observed

Traverse city grandville

Great Lakes water levels reached record lows

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers measured record low water levels in two of the North America's Great Lakes, Michigan and Huron. The water levels at Lake Michigan and Lake Huron reached the lowest level from 1918, since modern record-keeping began. Water levels at