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crater_dome_glacier 2006

Time-series of dome and glacier growth at Mount St. Helens (2004-2012)

The video bellow shows time-lapse changes in the lava dome and Crater Glacier from 2004-2012. The images were created from 1:12,000 scale vertical aerial photographs combined with ground control points from campaign GPS and targets. Photogrammetry software was used...


First sightings of how a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) forms

On July 18, 2012, a fairly small explosion of light burst off the lower right limb of the sun. Such flares often come with an associated eruption of solar material, known as a coronal mass ejection or CME - but this one did not.Something interesting did happen,


Strong M 6.1 earthquake struck Santa Cruz Islands

Another strong and shallow earthquake recorded as magnitude 6.1 (USGS) struck Santa Cruz Islands on February 02, 2013 at 18:58 UTC. Epicenter of the quake was located 66 km (41 miles) WSW of Lata, Solomon Islands and 551 km (342 miles) NNW of Luganville, Vanuatu


Magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit Hokkaido, Japan

Strong earthquake magnitude 6.9 (USGS) hit Hokkaido, Japan on February 2, 2013 at 14:17 UTC. Epicenter was located 109 km (68 miles) W (261°) from Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan and 844 km (525 miles) NNE (19°) from TOKYO, Japan at coordinates 42.812°N, 143.078°E.


Scientists produce hydrogen by mixing silicon and water

Hydrogen is a zero-emission fuel and arguably an excellent candidate of alternative energy. Use of  hydrogen extracted from water  to generate electricity is a topic of an ongoing debate. Recent experiments by University at Buffalo researchers revealed how silicon

zenit sea launch 3sl rocket

Sea Launch Rocket fails during liftoff

A commercial Sea Launch rocket failed 40 seconds after liftoff from its floating launch platform in the Pacific Ocean on February 1, 2013 destroying the Intelsat IS-27 telecommunications satellite. Sea Launch already experienced one failure in January 2007.Sea Launch