T.A.P., You’re It!


I am out to make a difference. I am out to make it so that every Person affiliated with the oil industry can live more richly than if They worked to retirement and were living off whatever They managed to save, affording up to what it would allow. If They wanted to.

Think about that for a moment. Every Person working in the gas stations, in trucking, taxiing, and other transportation…and the echelons of office workers in the corporate pyramids… Every person in machine shops, from garages to car lots. Every Person in plastics sales…and manufacturing. Every Person in those board rooms… All could choose to live more richly than if They retired with full benefits. And They won’t have to wait for retirement.

But not only the People affiliated with the oil industry, the People affiliated with insurance, too.

• And food production.
• And aerospace.
• And the fashion industry.
• And banking.
• And advertising.
• And sales.
• And schools.
• And entertainment.
• And sports.
• And charity
• And government.
• And the impoverished.

What does that mean, “live more richly?” It means that We all could live as if retired with an unlimited bank account. Do everything We dreamed of doing, have what We dreamed of having, back when We truly believed that all We had to do was work hard and at 65, We could live as WE wanted. It is The Abundance Paradigm.

This course is for the purpose of showing You how We can get there from here.
T.A.P., You’re It
The Abundance Paradigm (T.A.P.) syllabus

Planetary Resources
1. Food
…….a. We throw away enough to feed all of Us
………….i. Distributing by profit and not need
…….b. Organic farming produces better yields
…….c. Paying farmers to NOT grow crops – plenty of land
…….d. New extra-high yield techniques
2. Clothing
…….a. Textiles are abundant
…….b. If made to last, clothing could be shared and passed on
…….c. “Fashion” is a system institution to keep money flowing
3. Shelter
…….a. Options are available for Us all; money keeps Us from providing
…………..i. Rock, wood, hemp, earth, recycling
…….b. One Human to ¼ acre won’t fill up Australia
…………..i. Australia is four percent (4%) of land mass excluding Antarctica
…….c. Volume of Humans would not fill a side canyon of the Grand Canyon
…….d. There’s enough space in Texas to give every one of Us 1500 sq ft
…….e. Statistically speaking, Humans don’t exist on this planet
4. Water
…….a. Dean Kamen’s (Segway fame) water purification device makes any water potable
…….b. Money to provide energy for purification lacking in most areas of the world
…….c. World surface is mostly water – plenty available

Robotics and Other Technologies

1. Present robotics is capable of doing all necessary functions outside of emergencies
…….a. Farming
…….b. Manufacturing
…….c. Cleaning and maintenance
…….d. Supplying
…….e. Diagnostics
2. The Interweb is now connecting virtually the whole planet
…….a. Problems can be communicated immediately
…….b. Solutions can be found worldwide
…….c. Governance and judicial functions can be handled via the web
3. Personal cameras are becoming the norm – We can record Our personal perspective, to which We have inalienable rights, as Our Witness
4. Data storage is expanding by leaps and bounds – Our whole lives will be possible to record
5. Open-source program all public works
…….a. Allows All to work on betterment
…….b. Ensures clean code
…….c. No “back doors”

Energy/Power/Money relationships

1. The basis of money is an exchange of meaningful energy expended
…….a. The first hunter, gatherer, fisher, farmer, miner used and collected free resources
…….b. The meaningful energy expended was what was bartered, traded, work-exchanged for, though the products were (erroneously) seen as having the value
…….c. Money as We know it is merely a convenient “place holder” for when Some have what Others want but the Others have nothing those Some want
…….d. Money, therefore, merely accounts for meaningful energy expended
…….e. A paycheck is an accounting of the meaningful energy One expended
2. Power over Others is a function of money and charisma
…….a. With money, controlling behavior is made possible
…….b. Charisma is social power and usually makes positive impact
3. With energy as a basis for money, money/power (over Others)/energy can be seen as three forms of the same thing, like ice/water/steam

Free energy = no need for money

1. Adding free energy removes the cost of energy all down the line, and in the end, the resources are free
2. Adding robots to do any necessary work no One WANTS to do removes the cost of Human energy
…….a. No need to pay robots
…….b. Humans will do work They WANT to do for mere social currency
…………..i. Appreciation
…………..ii. Lauds
…………..iii. Thanks
…………..iv. Gratitude
…………..v. Reputation
…………..vi. Recognition
…………..vii. Self-satisfaction
3. We all have avocations – things We do because We want to do them and not because We will get money – these will become Our vocations for social currency
4. Free energy technologies exist and have been suppressed for 50-100 years

Complications (structural impedances in social systems)

1. Money systems – impedes abundance
2. Legal systems – impedes freedoms
3. Charity systems – impedes concepts of All being deserving
4. Punitive systems – impedes freedoms
5. Educational systems – impedes information flow
6. Governmental systems – impedes local choices
7. Military systems – impedes peace

Governance vs. government

1. Etymology of “government” is “control mind”
2. Governments all place control in the hands of the few, even a democratic government
3. Governance is an agreed upon system whereby no few are in control; All may participate
4. Stigmergic governance via the web is possible now
…….a. Stigmergy is emergent structure based in societal behavior
…….b. Linux is a prime example of stigmergy
…….c. Three Laws are all the Laws there are
…….d. Those that care participate in resolving any issue
…….e. Punitive justice can be meted out by those who care within the three Laws

The Betterment Ethic vs. the work “ethic”

1. The work “ethic” is a slave’s ideal – expend Your Human energy to the enrichment of Others
2. Instill a Betterment Ethic and, with profit removed as a motive, We will seek betterment
The tipping point of awareness
1. Once 10% of Us are aware of something, We all seem to have the awareness – this is the tipping point
2. Awareness can rapidly spread via the Interweb
3. The more that choose to spread awareness, the faster it will spread

Consciously choosing

1. As a group, Humans can consciously choose any change – as long as awareness has reached the tipping point
2. With a plan, Humans on this planet can create heaven on Earth


1. We can choose to spread awareness of a plan for the planet
2. We can choose to implement the plan
3. We can create heaven here on Earth for all Humans
4. Keep it in Consciousness

The Plan

1. Spread awareness of the plan to the tipping point
2. Release free energy technologies
…….a. Industry
…….b. Agriculture
…….c. Transportation
…….d. Homes
3. Invest in replacing old energy sources with free energy
4. Invest in replacing Humans with robots in all necessary functions no One wants to do
5. Spread the ideas of:
…….a. Personal Witness
…….b. Open-source programming for all public works
…….c. The Betterment Ethic
…….d. Following Our bliss, and teaching Our children to find Theirs
…….e. Organic farming only – eradicate GMO
…….f. Stigmergic governance
…………..i. Set up a central website
…………..ii. Local, regional, continental, planetary levels
…………..iii. Social responsibility is spending 15 minutes or more a day checking the site and adding input when One sees a problem or solution
…….g. If We choose, We can release Humanity from slavery, hunger, poverty, oppression, profit motive

Your mind has been touched, Your awareness raised. Now You must choose… T.A.P., You’re it.


What of the People who love power? This is a question I have been asked, relative to T.A.P. I ask, what of Them? I do not discount the influence of charisma, but most of the Ones that rise to power in the scarcity paradigm have money behind Them.

Let Us consider a power-hungry and evil Person in a Society that judges Those They meet based on the three Laws. If this Person has no other bliss, and can offer Others nothing but this Person’s ideas to motivate Them to help with the plans – You can’t have power over Others without having “minions,” otherwise You become a “lone gunman” and We take You out of social circulation – that Person had better have some amazing charisma. And until You have a decent sized base, You are, at most, a gang, and too many waves made will cause Us to take the gang out of social circulation.

Today, We judge Others by “laws” artificially and frequently non-ethically decreed. Profit motive and political connections lead to “laws” that are created for special interests. And because “laws,” once enacted, just stay unless We see radical issues and move to remove the “laws” – like Prohibition of alcohol – they stay on “the books,” We have millions of “laws” and cannot truly judge others except by the “laws” as We think We know them, or rather, by “laws” as We think they should be. Many of the “laws” contradict each other, and there is no way any of Us can know them all.

What We see, therefore, is intrusion, curtailing of liberty, inconsistency, and limited ethical judgment.

You can think and believe whatever You want, but it is by Your choice of behavior You create, and so how You choose to behave will be the measure by which You are judged. If Some don’t like Your choice of behavior, don’t spend time with Them. If You are not fond of anOther’s behavior, don’t spend time with Them – and if the behavior breaks any of the three Laws, You (and any Others who care) may remove the One choosing poor behavior from social circulation.

Of course, as Accuser, You will be held to the same three Laws relative to the accusation, and Many who care may not take Your side. So always choose Your behavior wisely.

Twitter: @AmaterasuSolar

by Amaterasu Solar

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  1. TAP! I am it. So, I will pass the word. Every journey begins with a single step and this is the path I journey on. I am grateful to see it so concisely written that I can share it and ask others to join the journey. Thank you.

  2. I completely agree with you, for to long we have been basically praying on each other like cavemen, its not to hard to see this. and as you put so plainly, power is the key. but I fear those with power will not give it up easily, so there you have it. until a mass awakening happens, there will be no real change. but knowledge is power and maybe a few will read your post and open their eyes. I have passed this on to my facebook page to do my part to help wake a few people up. peace is possible, but improbable. we can only have hope for a brighter future.

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