Magical Bullets... N.A.S.A / D.N.A change / Mayan prophecies / 2012

Magical Bullets... N.A.S.A / D.N.A change / Mayan prophecies / 2012

We've just received this video... info description says: Using NASA's latest data and animations, I give my view on what is really going on in 2012...and what we can expect in the immediate future.....Feel free to discuss the content!



Original music from my Bro's, A.R.D.D.R.I.V.E. Album Title: The External EP
Artists: A-R-D-D-R-I-V-E (Jam Prd, The Wevaman & Markzman) (UK)
Release Date: July 3rd, 2012 (Beatport Exclusive)
July 17th (Everywhere) Out now, exclusively on Beatport:
Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center for all animations


Liam Rangeley 7 years ago

The UK Anonymous official video.

Liam Rangeley 7 years ago

This is what i mean by the power of Love...This event went largely unreported by the media...those that did said it was attended by 200 to 400...It was thousands...we stood in the street outside the house of parliament for four hours...It was magical. :)) Yes i am the wizard in the anon mask and i also done an interview with an arab tv channel unmasked...the mask is not to hide ourselves it represents an idea. Peace and love to you all...this is just the start.

Bob 7 years ago

I highly recommend looking into the power of distilled liquids as means of purifying our system as to align ourselves more fully with these higher vibrations. The negative charge of distilled liquids will indefinitely decalcify your pineal gland, among MANY other things. Check out this video: Much Love <3

WarPony 7 years ago

In fact, DNA can be altered by the change of frequency in mere conversation - some good links about same and other at . It's really time to fight your seven deadly sins and prepare to take spiritual flight. It's also time that you will need to raise your spiritual "shields" and to set your love "phasers" on stun - for those of us who will help guide, and have been helping guide this rise and increase in spiritual vibration. It will be quite a ride. "Beam me Up~!" Scotty

Gry Anita Halstensen (@WarPony) 7 years ago

Hi! I think im one of the helping guides, and don't know who to speak with

WarPony (@Gry Anita Halstensen) 4 years ago

You could always drop me line at:

Liam Rangeley 7 years ago

For anyone who is interested in awakening themselves and making use of the energy's we are receiving i offer you this important piece of advice....You must remove you social conditioning...this is the first and hardest step for many....STOP watching television and reading mainstream media...Spend your time on sites like this and look for your own will find more and more people will be willing to help you on your journey. Peace and love to you all.

SciFyre 7 years ago

@ katisisco... your citing a WHO report from Oct 2012 regarding global kidney failure. Please supply a link or other information directing us to this report as it is not evident on the WHO website. Thank you.

Liam Rangeley (@SciFyre) 7 years ago

I think you mean the visualization i used to represent dna change...It is on NASA'S website...It was titled dna damage NTSC….I used it to represent my own theory.

katesisco 7 years ago

No doubt this fold in time is real & many theories --each right in its own way---exist. Miles Mathis, physicist, published on the web and he proposes an understanding I accept. Are the energetic neutral particles seen in the solar system products of existing particles spun to higher energies? Science does not see them as they are outside the old satellite detection tech, but with the new infrared and other satellites we will be able to determine for the first time there nature. I do not think it is a coincidence that these defining technologies have appeared at this time. I think science had knowledge of this fold in time and has anticipated 2013 as past the energy event so discoveries will await this passage. I propose the periodic energy event has lessened so significantly that Earth effects will not demand a referral to a global catastrophe as in past 5,000 y cycles. I suspect many aspects of 2012 will be ignored or brushed aside. Such as WHO's 2012 October report on global kidney failure. Altho in evidence for a decade, this epidemic has not been declared officially and lacks recognition.

GuardianHD 7 years ago

Yes, I do thank all of you for helping me validate everything I have learned...

GuardianHD 7 years ago

You can find the answers you seek here... But you must be patient... And seek them for yourself... But questions are always welcome... The countdown is the closing for new members, so you might want to do it soon...

Liam Rangeley 7 years ago

I must also add that i have constantly referenced this Web site as well as in5D...And a HUGE THANKYOU to The Watchers for giving me the chance to "show case" some of my views. :))

Andrew Jakubiz 7 years ago

This is just simply more 2012 propaganda which doesn't enlighten anyone, in fact it does quite the opposite by spreading disinformation. I suggest reading this excellent article on the spiritual and factual surrounding Dec 21, 2012.

Liam Rangeley (@Andrew Jakubiz) 7 years ago

If you check the description in the video (I have added much since this morning) you will see that my philosophy is not to far removed from Gregory James..I have spent nearly three years researching the REAL history of this planet...During the last 2 years i have watched realtime NASA data and monitored earth changes via many sources, such as USGS,NESDIS, etc. I can read the sun like a book after the time i have spent on Heliovewer and SOHO sites...This is my own interpretation of events happening now...I have not gone into the spiritual side as this video is based on NASA hard data...I mainly aim to show that the approach of modern science is fundamentally wrong...I believe my conclusions would fit into the the Electric Universe theory nicely...No doom and gloom or fear spreading from me...These energy's are to be embraced. Peace and Love to you my friend.

Andrew Jakubiz (@Liam Rangeley) 7 years ago

Sorry Liam, I am somewhat irked by being pulled into the myth of alignments and crossing galactic planes, etc on Dec 21, 2012 and am now rather outspoken about this fallacy. If you can evidence otherwise I am all eyes, ears and mind. :-) Peace and Hair Grease.

Prophet 7 years ago

Maybe this has something to do with this light that appeared out of no where in the middle of my friend and I, Oct. 21, 2012. We were reading the bible. This was the same night the meteor shower rain from the constellation Orion. It blinded us for about 2 seconds and made our eyes burn. I pray God show us what that was all about.

luc 7 years ago

need help in getting a link to the source of "NASA DNA alteration after the collapse of the magnetosphere" or the "Magic bullet" animation, somehow did not find it at

Liam Rangeley (@luc) 7 years ago

It was titled dna damage NTSC....Hence me not using the title...NASA call it damage...I call it an upgrade. :))

Angel 7 years ago

N=5 is almost here, just breath meditation will help 2. Thank you for the information

Liam Rangeley (@Angel) 7 years ago


Andrew Jakubiz 7 years ago

Liam Rangeley (@Andrew Jakubiz) 7 years ago

Old data...Add 1 black hole + X-Ray nova from both...I must add that we must not fear this...embrace it!

Andrew Jakubiz (@Liam Rangeley) 7 years ago

It is FALSE that we are crossing through the galactic rift... evidence this please. This data just doesn't change no matter how many black holes or x-ray bursts are happening.

Liam Rangeley (@Andrew Jakubiz) 7 years ago

Galactic alignment is of vital importance from my observations.

Truth 7 years ago

This is just another illuminati propaganda film trying to fool the people, you can tell this by the lying single eye being shown before the start. What's coming down the road is the return of JESUS. - They know it and I know it. Yes, you can save yourself - your soul that is through faith & repentance to Jesus and God the father. :) Peace & Love Read the following (Bible) and it will start to be clear to you. Book of Ezekiel Book of Daniel Book of Matthew Book of 1 & 2 Corinthians Book of 1 & 2 Thessalonians Book of Psalms - Books of Proverbs & Book of REVELATION.

Liam Rangeley (@Truth) 7 years ago

The eye of Horus is not illuminati property...It is our's....They no longer hold the rights to the secrets of the universe...The veil is removed and we can now see the truth...We are AWAKE and as a light warrior i have a message for the corrupt elite who have virtually destroyed this planet....GIVE IT UP AND JOIN US...YOU HAVE LOST....YOU KNEW THIS TIME WOULD COME, WHEN WE AS A COLLECTIVE WOULD NO LONGER LIVE IN THE SHADOW OF YOUR FEAR...YOU ARE FINISHED...GIVE UP PEACEFULLY OR YOU WILL BE CRUSHED. (In the nicest possible way of course!). :))

Truth (@Liam Rangeley) 7 years ago

You say "It is our's" who is "our's". You also call yourself a "light warrior" so who's light do you follow? Thanks

Liam Rangeley (@Truth) 7 years ago

My own light...We are made of energy...everything will find all the answers inside you...My light is your light...everything is light warrior i mean i am essentially a lightworker...the difference is my grasp of duality...Many lightworkers are hindering their development by shutting out negativity ...this creates fear...they must look inside themselves deeper and accept that negative is simply the flip side of positive...It is an essential part of their makeup and the universe...If you remove the negative then positive cannot exist either...It is like yin and need both in balance...When you full accept and embrace negative the same way you embrace positive amazing things start to happen almost immediately in your life....Guilt and fear literally disappear...I tread where many lightworkers fear to go....I can expose myself to huge amounts of negativity on this planet without it affecting or lowering my own energy's...I still do lightwork and basically me and others like me are now taking on the problems with this world head on..I saw my role before as a supplier of information and to try an help awaken the fear has gone and my role has become that of protector...I have now stepped out of the shadows and openly fight the oppression of humanity...Even death holds no fear for us...We will protect lightworkers as much as we can until they realize their full potential...But i appeal to them to really work on understanding is the key to inner peace and changes everything in your life.

Liam Rangeley (@Truth) 7 years ago

Checkout the playlist "Hactivism, Activism and November the 5th" on my yt channel. Peace.

Liam Rangeley (@Truth) 7 years ago

I have been fighting "Banking and corporate elitist " propaganda for over to years via ANONYMOUS. ;)

bob (@Truth) 7 years ago

and this

karen harsin 7 years ago

So what can we expect here on earth? Total devastation, annihilation of life as we know it? does anyone know???? Can we protect ourselves from this event .

Gordian Knot (@karen harsin) 7 years ago

@ Karen, I see and hear your frustration of not "knowing" what is going to take place on Earth when it comes devastation/annihilation. Connect the dots on a smaller scale starting with your local surroundings, then cautiously reach out further until you discover recognizable patterns that complement your local surrounding research which will help alleviate your frustrations. I believe many are tired of reading the gloom and doom showing little results in their mind and have become jaded or complacent . . . we all do. The gloom and doom is real with Earthly anomalies taking place everyday, but not to a point of being stunned in our own backyard as it creeps up on us. Earth's history tells of catastrophic events that laid waste to life on Earth with few survivors. It is recorded on many continents in layers of Earth, petroglyphs, water displacement, caves, shorelines, craters, cities underwater, seismic and volcanic activity, crustal displacement and bones with a host of other anomalies not listed. Start small and avoid the sensory overload, it'll make more sense at seeing the bigger picture and waylay fears.

Liam Rangeley (@Gordian Knot) 7 years ago

Earth changes are occurring....The corrupt government's of the world should be explaining the danger areas on this planet and taking preventative measures to avoid loss of life and make this transition smooth...Instead they are trying to take us into a world war....The earth changes will NOT be an extinction event...Big changes and upheaval yes....It will be hard for many...It is all about attitude...Hold LOVE in your heart...Live WITHOUT fear and get ready for amazing things to happen....We are living through the most incredible times! :))

Gordian Knot (@Liam Rangeley) 7 years ago

@ Liam, "Earth changes will NOT be an extinction level event?" Please provide reasonable explanation as to why Earth is exempt from an ELE.

Teo Blašković (@karen harsin) 7 years ago

There is no need to panic Karen. And no room for fear :) Total devastation, annihilation.. no. This vid is one persons viewpoint with good musical background and some nerdy nasa graphics. Enrich spritual part of your being, it might help you with this fear you're having and do your own research on dna changes and all mentioned inside. Ty <3

Liam Rangeley (@Adonai) 7 years ago

Agreed. :))

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