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Smart meter or no power at all? Nevada energy sends armed men to disconnect power – just for opting out


Nevada is supposedly one of those states with a smart meter ‘opt out’ policy. On the ground, however, the reality is a little different.

Mona Orkoulas lives in the mountains outside Las Vegas, Nevada, where she works in real estate. Like many Americans she has been impacted by the downturn in the economy and is struggling to make ends meet. Mona was born in the US and raised by an Egyptian/ Greek family. She has always paid her bills on time, and makes protecting her health a priority. For years Mona worked on humanitarian projects in the Middle East: drilling wells, and providing drinkable water and renewable power to remote villages. So she is familiar with the need for safe, reliable public services. Now, it turns out that she may need some humanitarian assistance herself — not in the developing world but right outside Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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The story starts when Nevada Energy (NVE) installed a ‘smart’ meter on Mona’s bedroom wall in January without permission, or even so much as a few days’ notice.

Mona reports that she does not have any prior history of medical issues. Shortly after NV Energy installed the smart meter, she started noticing an increase in her heart rate first thing in the morning and an elevated blood pressure. She felt fatigued, and started having headaches. A low grinding sound had started when the meter was installed and this made it difficult for Mona to sleep, or even be in her own home during the day. She tried different things to get rid of the symptoms, but nothing worked. Finally it dawned on her: the only thing which had changed in her life was the meter. When she started researching the issue, she realized she was not alone. Others were experiencing the same annoying humming grinding sound, the same adverse health impacts — and linking it to recent smart meter installations. She has amassed a whole binder of studies about the negative effects of EMF’s on health.

A letter from Mona’s doctor to NV Energy reads:

Neurological and cardiological findings may be associated with pulsed EMF… EEG, ECG, MRI and sleep study changes may be associated in some hypersensitive individuals to pulsed EMF. If multiple Smart meters are in use in her area, the possibility of constructive and destructive interference between the various EMF signals is a distinct possibility whose effects may be potentially more dangerous. I recommend that this patient be allowed to have NVE reinstall an analog meter at her house.

So she called the power company, expecting that they would remove the unsanctioned meter right away — or at least come out and do an analysis to find out what was causing the grinding noise. Months later, frustrated after at least six failed attempts to have NVE address the problem, Mona finally purchased a standard analog meter and had an electrician install it at her residence. She carefully photographed and recorded the readings on the old and new meter, to be sure that she paid for every kilowatt-hour used. She attempted to return the unwanted smart meter to NVE offices, but was turned away.

On August 6th, at about 10:30am, three men from Nevada Energy, armed with guns, arrived unannounced on her property, removed the analog meter from the socket, took her analog meter as well as the unauthorized smart meter she had removed, and left her living without electricity. One of the men identified himself as an investigator with the company and said that he was investigating her for “criminal tampering.”

She was in tears, visibly shaken by the encounter, and recalls asking the men, “Why are you on my property with guns?” Their response: “this is procedure Ma’am.” (If this has become the “procedure” then we need to act to stop this kind of utility intimidation and abuse.)

More than a month later, the lights are still off and Mona hasn’t budged. “They’re not putting that thing back on my house,” she says.

We asked Angel de Fazio, who has been on the front lines working to fight NVE’s smart meter program, what is going on here? Doesn’t Nevada have an ‘opt out’ choice?

Angel says “Nevada residents only won the right to be placed on the ‘delay list’, not a full ‘opt out’.”

In other words, if you wised up before the installation trucks came and still have your analog, NVE has a ‘delay list’ you can sign to ‘delay’ your installation date. But if the power company managed to sneak on your property and install a smart meter — even without permission — then your choice is a smart meter or no power at all, as Mona discovered. Even if you have a letter from your doctor, the power company apparently thinks it knows best what’s good for you.

While awareness about smart meter problems has been greater in states like California, Maine, and several other states, the “take a smart meter or lose your power” policy remains quietly in force in other states where awareness may not be as widespread. However, people in these states (like Mona) have had enough and are standing up to the utility industry in increasing numbers.

Angel tells Stop Smart Meters! that Nevada’s opt out proceeding has been a sham. “The Nevada PUC will be holding hearings on October 3rd-5th to determine which of the ‘non-transmitting’ meters they will trial to replace people’s analogs and how much they will charge for the ‘privilege’. Even the ‘right’ to have a non-transmitting meter is under threat.” In other words, there may be no official ‘opt out’ at all unless people organize and make more noise.

“NVE has conned the PUC into believing that only a certain number of people can opt out or their Federal Stimulus Grant will be in jeopardy. That is a lie,” Angel says.

NVE has been calling people on the ‘delay list’ who want to ‘opt out’ and repeatedly pressuring them to accept a smart meter. The company admitted that they lied to utility customers, telling them that the meters are federally mandated (which they are not), and telling people their power would be cut if they didn’t accept the meter (which they do not have the legal authority to do). Similar stories abound about other utilities including Southern California Edison, Detroit Edison, Duke Energy, and Oncor.

Now NVE is accusing Mona of tampering with their equipment, which she says is ridiculous, because she gave them plenty of opportunity to remove the problematic smart meter. “I had no intention of stealing electricity,” she says. “I just wanted the grinding noise and headaches to stop.”

California Penal code defines “tampering” as:

(carrying out)(1) specified acts with the intent to obtain utility serviceswithout paying the full charge, or with the intent to enable another person to do so, or with the intent to deprive any utility of its full lawful charges for utility services.”

Nevada laws are similar. Despite this, NVE claims that Mona “tampered” with the meter and are now charging her hundreds of dollars in fees and forcing her to obtain an expensive County inspection. For the last month, Mona has been ‘camping’ in her house, unable to use her appliances, lights or hot water. The laundry that was in the washing machine when they cut her power was locked in, and by the time she could get it out it was totally destroyed by mildew. The NVE agents came without warning.

Mona has borrowed a gas generator that she uses for an hour a day, but she’s worried that this is a fire hazard in the forest where she lives. The power cut has had a devastating effect on her life, she says. “My business has taken a nosedive since I have had to travel into town to access my e-mails. I can’t use my computer, fax machine, or any lights. I’m cooking over a camp stove in my living room.”

Back in December, Stop Smart Meters! raised more than $1000 from supporters like you to help families who had been cut off by PG&E try to have a decent Christmas. These donations helped people through a difficult time, and the outpouring of community support gave them strength to take back their power from the utility. In part because of the strength of these families who refused to accept a forced smart meter (or a ‘non-transmitting’ meter), we now have an official analog ‘opt out’ policy in California. It’s extortion for sure, but it’s better than the policies they still have in places like Nevada.

Mona doesn’t know what she’s going to do, and was even thinking for a time about allowing a smart meter back on her home — at least for the time being. “Winter comes in these mountains a month before everywhere else,” she says.

It’s hard to stomach the fact that in 2012 in the United States, men with guns from a private corporation and no warrant show up and threaten us for not accepting a hazardous device on our homes. As a community we must come together and reject these Gestapo tactics. Under the US Constitution, we have a right to be safe and sovereign in our homes. If you turn a blind eye while the rights of your friends and neighbors are being violated, they may be at yourhouse next.

We’ve been speaking with Mona and she doesn’t want to give in to NVE. She’s willing to rough it, to protect her health and to prove a point to the utility and to America — if that’s the way the utilities are going to behave, maybe we’re better off without them!

Mona says “Some of us eat organic foods, buy our nice bottled waters, exercise daily, but where is the point in all of this wellness when we are forced to have a radiation box attached to our homes?”

Call for Safe Power Fund Donations

Stop Smart Meters! has had enough of this utility abuse. Today we are initiating a fund to support Mona’s energy needs and see her through the winter safely and without a smart meter, using renewable power. We’ll be personally contributing to the fund and we urge you to do the same. When you opened your hearts and wallets for Santa Cruz County residents in December, together we prevailed and the movement grew stronger.Please donate if you can — even a little — to the Stop Smart Meters! Safe Power Fund to help Mona afford some solar panels and other equipment and keep the smart meter off her home. Together we can show it’s possible to take back your power safely and defy the utility. No one has the right to force equipment that makes you sick onto your home. Take a stand for Mona and for everyone else out there standing up to the smart grid bullies.Actions to Take for Mona 

1. Please donate to get some solar panels for Mona (indicate it’s a Safe Power Fund donation for Mona Orkoulas).
2. You may contact Nevada Energy (Southern NV Energy) to express your disgust about how they are treating Mona Orkoulas (and others with smart meter complaints, without allowing an opt-out). If you own stock in NVE – or any utility that aggressively forces smart meters on the public – we encourage you to rethink that. customerservice@nvenergy.com (702) 402-5555.
3. Any interested attorneys licensed in Nevada who may wish to help Mona pro bono – or others who wish to help in any way – may contact info@stopsmartmeters.org and place “I Want to Help Mona” in the subject line.
4. Report this outrage to your member of Congress or NV state legislator.

Thank you for supporting Mona and others taking a stand! -SSM!

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  1. This is a hoax to get you to donate money to pay for Mona's solar panels. She is a manipulator and user. D NOT believe anything she says. She is a criminal, and she was a criminal before this happened. Home wrecker, marriage wrecker, problem causer, liar.

    She has never done anything worthwhile that succeeded without falling flat on her big ugly nose, and it seriously is big and ugly.

    RUN people!!!

  2. Well, I just had this NV Energy illegal forced install pulled on me, when I was away from my property the other day. Neighbors stated that they saw meter installers putting “smart meters” on properties they knew owners/residents were away from, and avoiding those where the owners/residents were in at the time. They would come back to install a meter when they were sure, after confirming the property, that the resident was NOT in at the time. I am currently planning legal action against various government and NV Energy agencies, including the Nevada PUC, and its members.

    What this is all about, is a full on take over by our current leftist driven federal administration, our just re-elected “President”, and their full on take over of everything agendas. This is just a very small part of the full implementation of their plan of “One World Government”, and the United Nation’s Agenda 21. I urge everyone to google “u n agenda 21”, read all 9 parts of it, and decide for yourself. Also, google “bilderberg group”, these are the persons fully behind this agenda’s FORCED implementation.

    There were just 12 classes “graduated” frm a federal government agency to disseminate any credibility to Agenda 21, they were taught ways to debunk it, so YOU, the public won’t question its implementation. This agenda WILL take complete control over our entire lives, freedoms, EVERY PART OF THEM, ALL OF US.

    The Obama Administration, and New World Order’s plan for implementation is through very small actions, not large chunks of the agenda, and keeping the public in the dark as to how these small actions inter relate to each other, and Agenda 21. RFead what those few have planned for all of us.

    Smart meters are simply one very, very small part of the overall immense U. N. Agenda 21 FORCED take over plan.

  3. IF a smart meter heads my way I’ll either refuse service entirely and go to full solar with AC inverters to run my frig and power a few lights and TV, or, just put tin foil over the entire meter back, sides and front, and connect a ground rod to it so it can’t communicate. What works is a piece of metal screen from a screen door, You can build a simple cage to enclose the meter inside completely, and also ground this cage to a water pipe or ground rod by a copper wire and still be able to read the meter visually just fine. The meter remains silent as long as it’s inside the metal wire cage. I worked for 25 years as a TV broadcast station engineer and worked with high power transmitters and 300 foot tall antenna systems so I know the story on how to kill a smart meter without tampering with it. Nothing unlawful about a metal screen cage around it, but it’s got to be on the backside also to fully enclose it so no leaks.

  4. So Mona Orkoulas “Compared notes” to a few like minded nutters and hypochondriacs, convinced a gullible gp that the smart meter on her wall was the issue and got a note saying it was causing her a problem and you call this proof !!!! Total and utter bollocks. I’ve never heard such a load of shite in my life !

    1. After reading all this, that’s your comment? Who cares if it’s the box. The whole point here goes WAY beyond that. WAY beyond that. Yeah, let’s focus on the box and not the real problems here.

  5. The centralized power companies can be pretty heartless. PG&E turned off my gas range because it was a hazard as part of their “energy savings assistance program,” but they provided me with no contingency plan to replace it. Consequently, I had to switch to electric burners which are now costing me far more money.

    As far as smart meters, I put copper flashing shields to make sure the EM pulses are not shooting into the house. The PG&E reps saw the shields, but they said nothing. Therefore, use copper shielding and leave their meters alone, so you don’t have to deal with any gestapo.

    1. They’ll still be tracking what appliances you use the power for, and it’s also part of the infrastructure that will allow them to turn off the power if they detect you using if for something they decide you shouldn’t be using it for.

      They’ll know so much about your power usage they’ll know what you’re doing in your own home. They’ll know you turn the bathroom light on every morning between 6:30am and 6:40am and that you turn off the TV at 9:00 and go to bed and everything else you do.

  6. America, the land of the free!!! You must be joking. This could NEVER happen in England.
    There would be such an outcry of indignation and switching suppliers ( we have a choice of many) the power companies wouldn’t dare to try to foist something potentially dangerous like that on us, especially if it was a health issue. Also our Government would eventually get involved and appoint experts to look into it and if proven would take action
    Wake up America and look after your people instead of pandering to the big companies

    1. You have no idea what you’re talking about. We have a deregulated power grid in much of the U.S. (Remember Enron?) So we have other “suppliers” here, but they ALL are installing smart meters as part of the “green” agenda. They won’t ask people to use gas stoves and dryers(which use far less energy from cheap natural gas)- but they will put these meters in under the guise of “sustainability” so that they can monitor and control power usage.

      Secondly- “an outcry of indignation” would never occur in England. If the English weren’t a bunch of cowardly subjects they wouldn’t allow surveillance cameras everywhere, watching everyone despite the fact that bee stings and caffeine kill more people than any of the things they are allegedly watching out for.

    2. “This could never happen in England.” No sir….YOU’VE got to be joking Wellwisher!

      Where were the courageous Brits when the government came to steal your guns? The people allowed the government to dictate to them whether they could have firearms to protect themselves or not. And the people couldn’t see this as a direct infringement upon their rights? Wow!!! You’ve got to be kidding me!
      And the Brits still haven’t woken up to the fact that the NHS dictates who lives and who dies with their rationed health care. How ignorant and naive can you get!

    3. “This could NEVER happen in England.”

      That’s funny, because I just read a story about an Englishman who had an armed squad break into his house and seize a model rifle (too weak to fire a round) and a BB gun.

      Authorities were tipped-off by a credit card transaction for a hobbyist gun construction book.

  7. Hi SMM…….

    Like most these days I’m broke once I’ve paid out.. just to
    be on the internet to see how things really are in the world..
    and I thank you that you take the trouble to report these
    sort of heinous acts by those using their victim’s moneys.

    However.. what I can do is offer this link to go take a look
    and hopefully these products will eliminate the problems as
    described in your ‘Mona’ article by negating their effects
    so people like Mona can get back a real life in spite of the
    likes of her Nevada Energy com…
    (or should that read Nevada Enemy Commies I wonder-??)
    .. hmmmm.

    The link is …..


    You’ll find a lot of helpful info on diverse but incredibly
    useful healthy products that will definitely help Mona and
    all with similar ‘power health problems’ as she is facing.

    Life.. Liberty.. Pursuits.. & Happiness.. to all.

    ffonz.. 😎

  8. There are two smart meters (which made me instanteously emf sensitive and in horrible pain) and a solar inverter (they do put out a smaller but relevant emf field) on the residence I stay in and the amount of radiation and who knows what being put out by these two meters and to a much lesser extent, the solar inverter (which is also attached to the house and gives me headaches now as well), has made me suffer continually.

    Since I don’t own the home, I have zero control.

    Heaven help us all!

  9. The supremo Courto declared Corporations are individuals. The individual smart meter owner has no right to attempt to ” bodily harm” another citizen, attempt to “commit murder” by electrical means, or any other means, such as appearing without a “warrent while armed” . The corporate entity must go into court to get a gun permit for the corporational “person”, which is impossible as the Corporation has no legs, arms, hands, etc. used to fire a gun. The CEO, “head of the corporation” must be present to “pull the trigger”, if needed to “commit the murder, immediately” or over time if the smart?? meter is installed?. This is a major lawsuit case for an intelligent, (oxymoronical)-lawyer!! Doc S.

  10. What in the hell is WRONG with Nevada (and many other parts of the USSA)? Has anyone directly consulted a sheriff, a lawyer or the Books to determine if a private corporation has the lawful right to show up on so-called private property with armed men? F**k their hearings or policies .. what is the LAW regarding what appears to me to be Criminal Trespass? Who ARE these “men”? What are their actual jobs? Are they employees of the Utility, or are the hired THUGS? Were they prepared to KILL Mona if she physically intervened?

    Where is her community?
    Where is her Town Council?

    Fight BACK

  11. It amazes me that slaves think they have rights!! United States citizens are slaves, the property of their government. Out government has been taken over by a criminal, Zionist mafia. These Jews are ntent on using us goy slaves as the cattle they see us. We are not human but a product to be consummed by our Masters to increase the comfort of their lives. We will do as our masters order or we will be beaten with a legal whip designed to bankrupt the offender. What are we “FREE” to do in the United States?? Smoke a joint on mainstreet in your town and find out how free you are! We are as tightly controlled by the government as any cotton picking field slave. Here in the “LAND OF THE FREE” we have more people in prison than any other country on earth. There is a race war, a civil war a brewing here in our country. Introduce a little starvation to go along with the homelessness and joblessness and the horror will start. If Obama loses the election there will be riots. All that is needed is a trigger….like Zimmerman being found innocent when he goes to trial. It’s coming. Are you prepared?

    1. This happened to my family and I in Texas! Armed officers came and forced a smart meter installation. vanadalized the analog meter we had, and added on hundreds for a presumed meter tampering charge. They took pictures of the house and threatened us on the patio not to touch or we would be in big trouble. I believe you’ve made some valid points Josey! They turned off the electricity as well and this was done remotelyat their office (someone flipped the switch in which to try and murder us) without anyone coming and doing it. It was also done during heat advisories and after me telling them that my daughter has a heart condition.

      As for my status, I had previously corrected their presumtpions so that they knew they were NOT harming a piece of paper, but man/woman/child, made in the image and likness of the Creator.

      They came back and removed their smart meter, but we still have no electricity to this day and it has been since June 2012. We use a gas generator to take care of what we need at home, washing clothes, cooking, internet, phone, fridge, and other simple things……………..cold showers I must admit are the worst though :- )

      My family and I see these for what they are……..acts of domestic terrorism and an attempt to murder our family and I told them so. No one has been given the authority to harm another life, but it’s done because of our lack of knowledge and us not knowing who or what we are! It’s only because of the knowledge that the Creator or Source has shown me that I must also be forgiving of these people behind the curtains or corporations, because they are also my brothers and sisters.


      Our biggest problem we all seem to have is ego! We are a selfish, controlling and greedy people. We only do things for the love of mammon (money) and not out of love for one another. We do not know that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and capable of much love as well.

      We must change this, so there is a better world for us all and our children. I fear that unless we learn to loveand forgive one another, knowing that even if we are owed alot from all the plundering that has occurred and can never be repaid and that we must forgive………… I fear this coming year will bring doom for us all.This system cannot continue as is and only we can make a difference towards one in which love and forgiveness of one another will reign.

      We are all brothers and sisters and it’s way past time we start living as such. Being good to one another, always thinking about others before yourselves. Being willing to give of our labor and energy for free to provide for others and in return others do the same for you. I believe this is what this whole lesson of what we call LIFE is about and we have failed miserably throughout all of history to learn this. Jesus showed us this and said, “YOU WILL KNOW THW TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE”.

      We have not learned this yet and sometimes I think this system is our punishment if we don’t learn. Man’s greatest sin is that man belives it owns everything when man does not. History itself has shown that man has comitted the most heinous crimes there are, and has acted lower than the animals! Is it any wonder why many of us are thought by those who control things as being nothing more than goy or chattel? Is it not the people who wanted to be governed (controlled)? Are they not just doing their jobs? Presumptions CAN be corrected as mistakes can, and it’s past time my brothers and sisters that we start.The system can only be an exact represntative of what man/woman have in their hearts.

      Thanks for allowing me to share and I apologize if I have offended some of you.

  12. “It’s hard to stomach the fact that in 2012 in the United States, men with guns from a private corporation and no warrant show up and threaten us for not accepting a hazardous device on our homes.” IS it ? why should it be so hard ? its the natural progression of capitalism -> feudalism.

  13. There are many things happening that make me believe we’re on the fringes of police state status. I find this type of infringement disgusting and will pass the info along to everyone who will listen.

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