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Japan earthquake HAARP – Sun, March 2011 analysis


Special Analysis of HAARP and Solar Activity regarding earthquakes felt here on the Earth, specifically targeting the Japan 2011 ‘9.0 Earthquake March 11’, due to the myths and disinformation regarding HAARP, this video shows HAARP is clearly shown to follow solar activity and a measuring device of solar activity and not the other way around as many have claimed due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of solar and celestial influences.

Space Weather Alerts March 1-15, 2011
SolarWatch Uploaded March 8, 2011
Breaking News – 7.2 Earthquake Japan – March 9 , 2011
X1.5 Class Flare Earth Directed / Solar Watch March 10, 2011
Powerful China Earthquake March 10, 2011
Breaking News – 8.9 Earthquake Hits Honshu Japan

YouTube video

Watch this video on YouTube and read the comments for further clarification and discussion. For those that won’t click on it here are two comments we found most interesting so far.

  • Excuse my stupidity but where did HAARP get addressed in your video. HAARP is used for high altitude atmospheric modification to investigate the effects on the earth. The magnetometer data you show comes from spacecraft or ground based magnetometers around the earth. Where is the correlation between the HAARP transmissions and spacecraft and ground based solar radiation and solar event data? GBRMM

  • The Haarp Induction Magnetometer is influenced by solar activity, this video is about the real Haarp not the phantom Haarp seen on the history channel. If your after that please visit one of youtubes many comedy and disinformation channels. SolarWatcher in reply to GBRMM

Video by SolarWatcher, visit his website at www.solarwatcher.net

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  1. O.K. HAARP is what it is, an extremely High Power Transmitter that does not carry Digital Data as we know it to communicate with Submarines as claimed by the Military.
    It’s as mysterious as Area51.
    For anyone to claim to know that it is unable to modify the weather and that it is not capable to modulate the Ionized Layer and able to use Brainwave frequencies is
    arrogant and daft,and should read all he can about Tesla and his accomplishments and future Vision of transmitting wireless Energy.
    Have you ever asked yourself where these Megawatts of RF Energy go?
    Have you given it a thought why almost every major Nation is jumping on the Bandwagon? Did you know that the Russians had used that same Principle with less power in the 50’s called by us Hams “Woodpecker”
    They at least came clean and said later that they were trying to influence the Weather,a truth that you will never hear from America.
    The Energy certainly does not go beyond our Ionosphere so what happens with it up there.
    Does it charge up our Layers like a Capacitor, that can release the stored Energy suddenly in a semi controlled fashion and if this is the Case, you can well imagine what it would do to mother Earth and any flying Birds that fly within its Path.
    We already saw Birds falling out of the Sky with their Organs totally destroyed and not to mention the Fish. Remember some Frequencies you can not Hear but they certainly are Capable to destroy anything of Resonance like an Opera Singer may destroy a Glass when she hits its resonant frequency.
    Have those Mysterious Kills ever been explained or explained away?
    I really just speculate, but I have been an Electronic Tech all my life as well as a Radio Amateur and I have played with the peaceful Part of Tesla Technology.
    So far any Part of the Military has not come Clean and explained its use correctly.
    Like a UFO …Swamp-gas, Flocks of Geese etc. You know what I am saying.
    I am not disputing the Fact that Solar flares have a tremendous effect upon the Magnetosphere of our Earth you can clearly see that(Northern Lights) and thus it can change the rotation ,wobble etc of the Earth which in turn effects the Weather, Climate and causes Earthquakes,but this is not at Issue here, we are talking about Man made alterations by HAARP.
    Blessed are the ignorant

  2. Are you suggesting that the peak in solar flares and CMEs had somthing to do with the Japan Earthquakes or that HAARP had something to do with this?

    1. Jack E Lee
      youtube hate channel

      many other accounts which have been terminated or closed down due to copyright breaches and hate speech.

      Resorting to impersonating websites aimed to discredit the information from my website and youtube channels.

      Solarprediction.com and solar-watcher.com

      associated with “suspicious0servers/dcsymbols” using youtube channels ‘drkstrong’ to spam comments and inbox campaign is well knows actions from this pathetic lowlife who resorts to spamming forums and websites with this material and using aliases are an act of a paid up disinformation stooge or the actions of a brain-damaged child who will find himself dealing with the karmic repercussions very shortly.

      1. Also NASA- so BBC- has made earlier research on that but stopped it soon after again.Its very late however now,to understand the correlation between CMEs and earthquake activities on March 11. Its just obvious when comparing solar and terrestrial data .I have made a video on that already soon after March 2011m (click on my user namelink in this comment) . Also a BBC science journalist noted soon after there must be a correlation between these CMEs before and the j Honshu quake. SInce then I systematically researched and documented these correlations/coincidences (solar blog on my website) Solar watcher however is one of the few who sees as myself the correlation between CMEs and Earthquakes. CMEs heat up the earthcurst but the desastrous quakes occure when these plates COOL DOWN AND CONTRACT GAAIN:

        So on JUne 16 we jast had likely the strongest CME impact measured during this 11 years sunspot cycle peak ( 2010- 2012)
        You won`t need HAAR for analysing these data you jst take GOES hp. The main impact zone of the last CME was the longitude of California , including aneighbored longitudes( regions . I expect heaviest Earthquake up to M 8.0 on the coming days, those will likely (90%) occure in the EASTERN PACIFIC ( B Vanuatu FiJi, until Japan). A SELDOM HARDER EARTHQUAKE IN CALIFORNIA and/ or the CENTRAL AMERICAS would be most likely die to GOESC data.

  3. Still think it was the Zionists with an anchored nuke to the seabed and subsequent upload of the stuxnet virus by Dimona who nuked reactor 4 on live TV… Its uncomfortable but u know its the Truth… Beyond me to place blame or judge anybody–just an a**holes opinion

    1. you need someone to think for you Jack ? I have seen your comments on youtube before, spam your hate much ? as for the rest of the comments, from faceless cowards defending a false belief with their ego is fascinating. its clear the ‘golf ball’ consciousness beings react to haarp in this way. unable to discern the truth even if it were presented and spoon fed for them.

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