Five foods you would never eat if you really knew what they were


What if when you were seated at your favorite restaurant, they handed you a menu which listed all of the REAL ingredients in every dish, without any fluff or “pretty” names for the food you might opt out of eating otherwise?

It seems as though the United States is one of the most talented countries at ruining a good thing, and over the past 20 to 30 years, food and beverages are no exception.

“May I tell you about our specials?”
“Yes, please.”

Today we are featuring one of the corporate favorites; chemical-washed connective tissue with pus-milk cheese, topped with hormone-laden special sauce on a bleached bun (cheese burger with non-organic ketchup and mayo). It comes with a 16 ounce, ice cold glass of carbonated, aborted fetal cell soda (Pepsi). (

If you have a more sophisticated palette, we’re also serving steroidal, grain-fed, antibiotic-laden cow thigh muscle (filet mignon) with any two sides of genetically modified vegetables smothered in drawn animal fat (butter).

If you’re not a flesh lover, we’ve got the ultimate sea creatures for you; genetically modified and deformed fish from an overcrowded chemical pond, super-sized with artificial growth hormones (farm-raised salmon), plus all-you-care-to-eat cancer-causing corn (GMO corn), with free refills of any synthetic, IBS and migraine causing diet drink.

Or, try our buffet of ocean scavengers from radioactive ocean, hand wrapped in abused pig (shrimp wrapped in bacon).

Oh, and I see you’ve brought your young ones along this evening. They will love our kids menu, which features assorted animal parts minced and smoked with nitrates on high calorie/zero nutrient sugar bread (hot dog on a bun) and all they can drink of our diabetes causing, high fructose corn syrup soda pop.

Here is a wake-up call

Beef, pork, turkey, chicken, milk and eggs are not grown in a package at the grocery store. Most of them are all loaded up with MSG and colored with toxins to make them look good and stay shiny for weeks on the shelf. Sometimes you even see a picture of a happy cow above the dairy or butcher section at the grocer. The cow is usually driving a milk truck or holding some milk bottles like the good ‘ole milk man. Or you see some cute mother hen walking her chicks down a pasture across some pretty green grass, all happy-go-lucky, enjoying their lives out in Mother Nature.

This Americanized, reverse psychology style of marketing keeps your mind off the fact that most animals are jacked up with hormones, living in confined quarters, never seeing the sun, or their parents, and most likely collapsing from sickness onto a cement slab covered in their own feces.

That’s why corporate America has to use antibiotics on the animals, so e-coli and salmonella outbreaks don’t cripple the meat and dairy industries. Plus, most animals are fed GMO corn by-products, which are basically sugar and ferment in their insides, causes stomach and intestinal infections. If you are what you eat, then you are a walking infection, immune to antibiotics and heading for GMO bred cancer.

You are what you eat

Don’t be distracted and fooled by the packaging, the preservatives and the artificial colorings used by food manufacturers to make toxic foods look appealing. It’s all an evil plan so you won’t think about the living breathing animals, which have eyes, brains and a mother and father.

Are you a pet lover? Do you have a cat or a dog which you adore? Did you know that pigs are smarter than dogs? That’s why they don’t call it pig on the shelves at the store. It’s only pork, bacon, sausage or ham. And you won’t find the word cow on anything either; it’s only beef, steak or hamburger. It is truly surprising that chicken is still called chicken, and turkey is turkey. People are creating their own immunity to the hard truths.

Even if you grew up on a farm and your parents taught you how to slaughter the animals for sale or consumption, you certainly weren’t shooting them up with drugs, abusing them, letting them live in their own feces and allowing them to suffer needlessly. If you absolutely must consume meat or dairy, keep it Kosher and organic, and give yourself a fighting chance at staying healthy.

Sources for this article include:
By S. D. Weles

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  1. Fetal cells! Yeah, right. I’m starting to drift away from a blog that trusts a freaking nature-sh*t-add-filled website for news.

  2. Greed is only part of the problem. There are too many homo-sapiens for this planet to sustain naturally, so it’s simple “supply & demand” that’s driving the Corporates, and which affords them the opportunity to capitalize on the global need for sustenance. Corporates (like a cancer) only exist because “People” (Investors) demand excessive returns on their investment which in turns erodes the integrity and morality of ‘management to deliver ‘profits.
    So instead of bemoaning the gross abuse of other species, promote lacto-vegetarianism and deal with the ‘demand side. But as always, the Corporates have a handle there as well……….

  3. In the past we grew our food, be it animal, vegables. Clean and pure

    Then came greed. Reduce the possiblity for people to grow their own food, Increase the growth of companies to suply food to others to their personal gain at the cost of the individual. – Be it health or / wealth.

    Bottom line – The majortity become weak, the monority become strong – all for greed.

    This has to stop – It’s not about wealth, it’s all about living a happy life.
    No one owns this planet, god does – but the rich – world dictators all think they do.

    Wrong – If all those that think they have control – simple – remove them.

    Why we don’t – It’s not the political thing to do – Rubbish – those who think this way are the ones resposible for the world as were it is today. They are guilty ones – not the public.

    TAKE NOTE. we are all born free, it is governments (The devil) that does not allow this happen in many cases. Therefore it is these goverments that should be put to a stop.

  4. I find it appalling to know that there are people out there who are so de-sensitised that they have no regard for the animals whose lives we take so we can enjoy meat. I won’t ever eat Kentucky Fried Chicken after seeing how some of the workers who are paid so poorly that they just kick the chickens around brutally. I could never treat an animal that way. Any where animals are commercially raised, the abuse is there.

    1. this is why I support my local meat farmers ..they do not hurt or abuse or mistreat their animals that they are raising for sale. Go out and support your local farmers, no matter what it is … meat, fruit, veggies, eggs, butter, milk, cheese .. etc .. when u support them u also know where ur meat is coming from and that they are not suffering before or during being processed. 🙂

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