Fukushima still spewing massive radiation plumes; America in 'huge trouble,' says nuclear expert

Fukushima still spewing massive radiation plumes; America in 'huge trouble,' says nuclear expert

During a recent Congressional delegation trip to Japan, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden witnessed with his own eyes the horrific aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, which we have heard very little about from the media in recent months. The damage situation was apparently so severe, according to his account, that he has now written a letter to Ichiro Fujisaki, Ambassador of Japan, petitioning for more to be done, and offering any additional support and assistance that might help contain and resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

The letter, which many experts see as the ominous writing on the wall for the grave severity of the circumstances, offers a disturbing glimpse into what is really going on across the Pacific Ocean that the mainstream media is apparently ignoring. While referencing the fact that all four of the affected reactors are still "badly damaged," Sen. Wyden seems to hint in his letter that Reactor 4, which has reportedly been on the verge of collapse for many months now, could be nearing catastrophic implosion.

Imminent collapse of Reactor 4 could create a mass extinction event of both humans and animals

According to Christina Consolo, an award-winning biomedical photographer and host of Nuked Radio, Reactor 4 has remained in such bad shape that even a very small earthquake could quickly level the building, sending the fuel from more than 1,500 unused fuel rods into the environment. And with Reactor 4 still filled with the highest levels of radioactive MOX and other fuels, the consequences of this potential collapse could be far worse than anything that has happened thus far as a result of the earthquake and tsunami.

" itting at the top of , in a pool that is cracked, leaking, and precarious even without an earthquake, are 1,565 fuel rods (give or take a few), some of them 'fresh fuel' that was ready to go into the reactor on the morning of March 11 when the earthquake and tsunami hit," writes Consolo. "If they are MOX fuel, containing six percent plutonium, one fuel rod has the potential to kill 2.89 billion people."

Sen. Wyden is also asking U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Gregory Jaczko to assess how much additional assistance their agencies might be willing to provide to help Japan, and the entire world, avoid a nuclear catastrophe of Biblical proportions.

"The scope of damage to the plants and to the surrounding area was far beyond what I expected and the scope of the challenges to the utility owner, the government of Japan, and to the people of the region are daunting," wrote Sen. Wyden in his letter, dated April 16, 2012. "The precarious status of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear units and the risk presented by the enormous inventory of radioactive materials and spent fuel in the event of further earthquake threats should be of concern to all and a focus of greater international support and assistance."

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By Ethan A. Huff


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Carolyn Rose 9 years ago

can we protect ourselves in any way? I just turned my cousin on to the watchers and we both use this information to actually chart the end times and were very excited. No way to thank the watchers eneough.

Joe Bloggs 9 years ago

So, I wonder how many kilos of plutonium has been distributed into the atmosphere over the years due to atmospheric bomb testing, how many billions does THAT have the 'potential' to kill? Over 5 kilos of plutonium was left over from the fission reaction resulting from the bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki alone, all of which was distributed into the atmosphere. One wonders why I haven't heard of those billions of deaths due to this widely dispersed plutonium since 1945.

Eric 9 years ago

Our species deserves to be excised from this planet. How sad it is that if this is what does it, it will also kill everything else. We have been selfish and small stewards of this amazing planet and how do we repay it for all it has given us? By killing it as quickly as possible. There is one concept to blame for our current situation. Organized religion, and the greed and corruption it breeds, can be found at the root of almost every decision humanity has made regarding how we treat the planet. It is easy to treat the world as "disposable" when you believe in something so foul as "the rapture". So we continue to tunnel and raze and burn and pollute with reckless abandon and kill ourselves and everything we come into contact with. A sad epitaph for a species that has the nerve to call itself civilized and moral. I, for one, apologize for humanity's lack of vision and the destruction of the natural world. Eric

A Green Road™ (@AGreenRoad) (@Eric) 9 years ago

Fukushima Reactor 4; Global Life Extinction Event If It Collapses; via A Green Road Blog http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/04/fukushima-reactor-4-life-extinction.html 12 reasons why all nuclear power plants must be shut down; via A Green Road Blog http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/12-reasons-why-all-nuclear-power-plants.html Super Solar Storm To Hit Earth In 2013 'Carrington Effect'; 400 Nuke Plants Will Melt Down/Explode; via A Green Road Blog http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/super-solar-storm-predicted-to-hit-2013.html EMP; Electromagnetic Pulse Effect And High Altitude Nuclear Bombs; via A Green Road Blog http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/04/emp-electromagnetic-pulse-effect-and.html Multiple Nuclear Reactors Bombed; All Nuclear Reactors ARE Bombs; via A Green Road Blog http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/04/multiple-nuclear-reactors-bombed-all.html

Laurie Kahalas 9 years ago

To Johanson: No one has to wham 2.89 billion people with plutonium rods for it to be deadly. It goes into the atmosphere, travels around the world, and then anyone inhaling the tinest speck of it has a time bomb (because it KEEPS EMITTING RADIATION) hatching a cancer inside their body. People should get educated before they act so cavalier about deadly dangers.

Jason Donaldson 9 years ago

One senator is a start... Now we just need to make the rest of the world aware of the potential danger that is facing our species.. We kick up a stink when a small bird or reptile or animal of any sort is under threat of extinction but we don't even bat an eye lid if we are that species... For fear of what? Economical collapse? Anarchy or chaos reigning and big business losing its grip on society?? I believe we let the people decide and try and formulate a plan.. Otherwise the rich and the powerful will be the ones to survive and therefore evolution will turn into a fight of the greediest... I for one want to see my children grow old and have families of their own..

Karl Johanson 9 years ago

>If they are MOX fuel, containing six percent plutonium, one fuel rod has the potential to kill 2.89 billion people. If you take the rod & wallop 2.89 billion people up side the head with it, maybe... Otherwise, not even close. Karl Johanson

mike 9 years ago

start burying it or something!drop a nuke,drop congress on it!theyre good at covering things up!

katesisco 9 years ago

Date correction: today is Sat May 5, 2012

katesisco 9 years ago

NYT Saturday April 10 said the last of the 50 active reactors is due to come off line for maintenance today. I look for massive clean up which would include ocean dumping.

Dan Scharf 9 years ago

WTF is really at stake here? I read "all this stuff" on an imminent catastrophe and yet "all this stuff" is being ignored. If what I read has any credibility what is to be gained in the downplay at hand? Could it be that the WW governments are committed to the script of "So it is written, so it is done" in accordance with the Mayan belief that 2012 is the end as we know it? Comments welcome!

Rob (@Dan Scharf) 9 years ago

Stock up on non-perishable food, water, etc...Stock up on Potassium Iodide & be ready for looters...

Kanook 9 years ago

I guess like the rest of the "press" reporting of an incident need not contain too much truth, and a paragraph or two with plenty of "ifs" -too bad I sort of like the Watcher site- but it too smacks of sensationalism and half-truths

Kanook 9 years ago

Check your sources - When the earth shook on the 11th, #4 had been shut down for “shroud” replacement and re-fueling since November 29th, 2010 – whereas “all” 548 rods had been transferred to the “spent fuel pool” (none were MOX fuel) on an “upper floor” of the reactor building – submerged in racks containing boron to damp any nuclear reaction. The pool is used over a period of time that is dictated by the rods themselves – as such when the M-9 struck there were 1,331 rods in the pool.

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