The bioenergetic basis of illness


Mainstream medicine tends to balk at the suggestion that there may be subtler energetic forces at play in disease processes, as if this notion was some sort of science fiction fantasy. However, if the laws of physics determine all chemical and, therefore, all biological processes, then the answers that we seek in the quest to heal human ills are likely to be found through investigating the energetic nature of biological systems. I believe it is time for the medical establishment to reassess its worldview and begin to acknowledge the role that energy plays in illness and the role it can play in healing.

Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Standard medical school prerequisite courses include biology, chemistry, and physics. The basic sciences teach us that biological systems are driven by chemical reactions along biochemical pathways. But we also know that chemical reactions cannot occur without physics and the laws of thermodynamics. Thus, biology depends upon chemistry, which, in turn, depends upon physics. In fact, all things in the physical universe must, at least in theory, act according to the laws of physics.

Of course, we understand that physicians commonly intervene on the biological/ structural level by surgically manipulating the human body. Physical parts are repaired, removed, and replaced. On the chemical level, physicians and patients similarly attempt to alter or control disease by employing over-the-counter and prescription drugs. And it must be acknowledged that physics is widely employed with great benefit in highly advanced forms of diagnostic technologies. Most of us have experienced an X-ray, CAT scan, MRI, ultrasound, or some other form of energy-based diagnostic testing at some time in our lives. Although they do come with their potential dangers, they can tell us a lot about what’s going on inside the physical body.

It must also be admitted that energy has been used in some very crude and dangerous ways in medical therapeutics. Thus, for example, high doses of radiation are used in attempts to blast cancers, radioactive chemicals are used to destroy diseased thyroid glands, and lasers are used in a variety of medical procedures. Curiously, there is little discussion of, or interest in how to use subtler energetic forces in disease treatment. In spite of the cornucopia of energy therapies that predate modern medicine itself, and that have been used successfully to treat a wide variety of ailments, the medical establishment continues to studiously avoid this information. Such healing methods, rather than eliciting the normal curiosity that one would expect from an open and inquiring mind, are often met by some with an attitude that conveys the message, “prove it to me.” It is as if these individuals are more interested in invalidating potentially valuable new therapies rather than learning about them.

The Energetic Etiology of Illness

Let’s consider the relatively straightforward example of three people traveling at a speed of 20 mph in a car that hits a telephone pole. According to elementary physics, the law of conservation of energy dictates that the kinetic energy represented by the car in motion will be converted into potential energy when the vehicle comes to a halt. The question then becomes “Where did all of that energy go?” Some of it is transferred to the telephone pole, which is no longer standing straight up. Likewise, some of the energy is stored in the mangled metal of the wrecked car. One passenger has a broken leg, one a concussion, and a third has a severe case of whiplash. As time passes, it turns out that the one with whiplash also develops panic attacks that are exacerbated by driving at high speeds on highways. Is it possible that some of the kinetic energy has become locked into the bodies (and minds) of these passengers in the form of potential energy, which now manifests in symptomatic form?

The broken leg heals in time and that individual, the lucky one, turns out to be almost as good as new. The person with the concussion recovers but begins to have recurring bouts of confusion and headaches, even after months have passed. The person with panic attacks and whiplash eventually develops chronic back pain, generalized stiffness, and muscle spasms. Unfortunately, this individual’s anxiety and back troubles persist for years.

When questioned, each of the three describes an experience of shock after the initial impact of the accident. The term “shock” is interesting in that one definition of the word has an energetic or electrical connotation. The word is also commonly used to indicate a stunned state of confusion and bewilderment, as if one were jarred or jolted out of one’s everyday state of normal waking consciousness. This kind of shock can last for seconds, minutes, or even days, and can sometimes linger indefinitely. Many motor vehicle accident victims develop a type of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of their trauma. Such traumas can lead to a lifetime of suffering for some.

When we become cognizant of the physics of the situation, it is no longer possible to attribute the injuries and illnesses sustained to physical trauma alone. We must also take into account the exchange of energy that has taken place as a contributing factor. It becomes clear that each individual, to greater or lesser extent, is a recipient of an energy transfer that is now manifesting in a variety of physical (broken leg, headaches, back pain), mental (confusion, shock), and emotional (anxiety) symptoms. In addition to the physical and emotional trauma, it can be said that each individual now carries an energetic “scar” acquired from the traumatic event. Some of the kinetic energy that existed prior to impact has become lodged as potential energy in each of the passengers.

Unanswered Questions

A number of questions and issues arise when we contemplate the above. If an insult is of an energetic nature, is a chemical (painkiller, muscle relaxant, anxiolytic, etc) or structural therapy alone (setting a bone, surgery) sufficient to provide lasting and satisfactory relief? What if X-rays indicate that the broken leg has mended flawlessly but the same leg still aches every time it rains? Is it possible that the remaining unaddressed energetic scar may lead to the subsequent development of arthritis some day? Although the concussion may resolve completely to the satisfaction of the physician, and a painkiller is prescribed for the recurring headaches, why can’t regular medicine eliminate the headaches completely, and why does it have nothing to offer for the episodes of confusion that remain? While the person with chronic back pain may respond up to a point to physical therapy, why aren’t additional therapies that may be of benefit, such as chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, or yoga offered to the patient? And surely there must be something more that can be prescribed for the person with anxiety other than the standard sedatives or antidepressants that are offered by default because medicine is unwilling to consider other therapeutic possibilities of a non-pharmaceutical nature.

There are plenty more questions that can be asked but I think you get my drift. The reality is that there is an energetic component to all illness. It is usually not as evident as in the case of a motor vehicle accident but it is always there. In fact, since the body-heart-mind-soul is an indivisible unity, the distinction between biological, chemical, and energetic levels is an artificial construct that does not do justice to holistic reality. While conventional medicine does offer a physical and a chemical approach to illness, it fails to acknowledge the energetic reality that lies behind all health problems. For this reason, its treatments tend to be incomplete and often fall short of a thorough and satisfactory solution, especially when dealing with chronic disease. In the next installment, we will continue to explore the role that energy plays in health and illness.

Part II

In Part I we discussed how some of the energy of a moving car is transferred to the persons in the vehicle after a crash. Thus, we can conceptualize whiplash, for example, as more than just physical trauma since it also manifests as a result of energy becoming locked, so to speak, in the neck muscles of an accident victim. Similarly, the “shock” of the accident can precipitate panic attacks, which can be understood as energy lodged in the emotional body (or astral body) of an individual. These examples were used because they vividly demonstrate a concept that actually applies to all illness, regardless of its origin and regardless of whether it is physical, mental, or emotional.

Everything in the universe is a manifestation of energy, including all things physical and all frequencies along the discernable electromagnetic spectrum. Even thought, emotion, and spiritual forces are vehicles that convey energy. The human bioenergetic field (or life force) can be impacted by any of these energies in overt, subtle, or undetectable ways. Just like the transfer of energy from a car crash, so, too, a hateful statement, a harsh reprimand, or the sudden shock of bad news, for example, can have an energetic impact upon the life force, oftentimes resulting in symptoms and even illness.

If one is willing to take the time to investigate, symptoms and illnesses can often be traced to events that act as energetic triggers. My medical practice is full of such stories, such as rheumatoid arthritis that began after the death of a parent, eczema that erupted after a divorce, asthma that developed after being fired from a job, or panic attacks that came on after being bitten by a dog. These occurrences are not at all unusual; they are run-of-the-mill events that happen all the time. The problem is that we have a medical system that fails to account for this dimension of human experience and that, due to the narrowness of its worldview, has no means of incorporating this information into practical treatment strategies for its patients.

Medical Materialism

Conventional medicine tries very hard to fit all ailments into its materialistic framework, but doesn’t have the foggiest notion of how to handle the non-physical aspects of illness as illustrated by these examples. The arthritis case described above tends, therefore, to be treated with the same anti-inflammatory drugs that are prescribed in most cases, with little consideration for the underlying grief, as if the body’s symptoms have no connection to one’s emotional or spiritual issues. And although a perceptive doctor may recommend simple talk therapy, such a therapy may not be sufficient to address the energetic dimension of the grief and its impact upon the physical body.

Modern medicine fails to comprehend these connections between body, emotion, thought, and spirit precisely because it denies the existence of the energetic milieu that connects all of these aspects of human life. Did you ever feel sick to your stomach after viewing a gruesome story on the news? Did you ever develop neck tension or a headache after spending time with a person who complains a lot? One could categorize these as psychosomatic symptoms (emotional events leading to physical symptoms), and medicine gives lip service to their existence but, nevertheless, doesn’t really know how to effectively handle them. Successful therapeutic outcomes for situations of this type require a significantly more sophisticated understanding of human health and illness.

Bioenergetic Connections

Any good holistic medical practitioner looks for and takes into account all possible connections — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic — and these connections can turn out to be important indicators for the choice of treatment. There are somato-psychic problems, as in the case of a head injury that leads to depression. And there are psycho-psychic ailments, such as panic attacks that occur after witnessing a drowning. I recently saw a young child whose mysteriously sudden onset of fear of suffocating was ultimately traced to his witnessing his grandfather struggling with emphysema. Somato-somatic problems are physical ailments that have physical origins, like arthritis that develops after a knee injury. And, of course, we have the classically understood notion of psycho-somatic illness such as when a child develops stomachaches on first attending school. Conventional medicine refuses to grapple with such phenomena because it is so deeply entrenched in a materialism that it assumes to be the only reality.

When we understand that energy is the common element that connects body, heart, mind, and soul, then we have a conceptual basis upon which to build a truly practical and effective green system of therapeutic intervention. Such a framework allows us to not be surprised when a patient explains that his depressed moods improve when his aching knees get worse, and vice versa. An energetic connection even accounts for ailments that are anatomically unrelated, as in the case of an individual with asthma and constipation. In such a case, these seemingly unrelated ailments should be considered to be one energetic phenomenon that simply manifests in two different physical locations.

A regular physician would likely be puzzled by and may ignore such energetic phenomena because they cannot be explained within the limited framework of conventional medical understanding. But since a green medical perspective understands that everything is,by definition, energetically connected, there is no problem seeing most symptoms as the fluctuating energy of a life force that manifests as different symptoms at different times under different circumstances. Not only that, but symptoms often carry a message and, without doubt, all symptoms must be seen as the life force’s best attempt to heal itself. And if this is true, we must find ways to assist the intentions of the life force rather than combat them. The implications for treatment are profound.

Energetic Inheritance

The notion of energy and its role in illness also applies to the issue of heredity. Again, because medicine is so mired in its own beliefs in the physicality of illness, it looks only to material causes for the transference of illness from one generation to the next. Hence, the desperate need to assign genetic causes for many human illnesses. The search for genetic causation gives the illusion that an illness will someday be manipulable with the tools of medical science. I am not denying that some diseases are genetic but the vast majority are not and will never be.

What is not acknowledged is that there can be energetic transference of predispositions toward illness from parent to child. In fact, it is the norm. Any close look at parents, their children, and their comparative body types, personality types, and health histories usually makes the similarities quite apparent. So it is not unexpected that a pregnant mother would give birth to an unhappy child prone to crying fits if the mother recently experienced the death of her father. The good news is that energetically-inherited conditions are malleable and do respond to energy therapies, whereas manipulation of the genetic code is fraught with danger and causes more problems than it solves.

Clinical Outcomes

I am not interested in proving the role that energy plays in health and healing by providing conventional mechanistic or reductionist explanations for these phenomena in order to satisfy critics. I take the role of energy for granted in my medical practice and consider it a self-evident truth that derives from years of first hand experience and clinical observation. Nevertheless, investigating the science behind energy healing is a worthy cause and necessary endeavor that should be pursued by those who are so inclined. I am more interested in the practical and successful outcomes that the understanding and proper application of such a worldview can generate for my clients. The proof is in the clinical pudding, not in whether I can successfully persuade an unyielding skeptic.

When we realize that all illness has an energetic component or is the result of energetic influences — or energetic scars, or energy that is stuck and can no longer flow, or energy that is caught in a negative feedback loop — then we begin to see why a surgical or chemical approach may not be enough. It may require treatment with a therapeutic modality that can intervene on a energetic level such as acupuncture, homeopathy, Reiki, yoga, Therapeutic Touch, Ayurveda, spiritual healing, and so on. Energy therapies provide the most effective means to free up blocked energy so that the bioenergetic field of an individual can be restored to a state of balance. Do these therapies replace conventional chemical and physical medicine? No, each situation is unique and may require one or more of these options. But the addition of these energy therapies dramatically expands the options available to us, thus increasing the odds that we will be able to achieve safe and effective results.

Part I, Part II
by Larry Malerba

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Richard Gerber, MD, A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine: Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation. Harper Paperbacks, NY, 2001.
Larry Malerba, D.O., Green Medicine: Challenging the Assumptions of Conventional Health Care. Berkeley: North Atlantic Books, 2010.

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  1. hemp oil cures cancer because it conducts energy better than anything else…i have two large two by two inch neodymium super magnets i use on myself and have used on many other people and have balances the energy in their bodies and healed many problems … i am a simple man but i know we are made of electrons spinning in opposite direction and we are energy so energy can be balanced and moved or removed by magnets

  2. ROYAL RAYMOND RIFE – Resonant Frequency Therapy and Microorganism Sources of All Known Diseases
    DAN WINTER – Programmable DNA

    Connect the dots and you have your answers as to how to master manipulate the body from the ground up. But the physical manipulation can only go so far and is always nothing compared to the willpower of the individual being treated, who continues to manipulate the programmable structures of his/her DNA with their emotion and beliefs.
    It’s been done before. There’s no money in it when you can cure all disease. pharmaceuticals would no longer sell. You’ll end up on a hit list like countless other doctors who discovered the truth. Stick to shamanic healing practices and label it alternative healing, admit it’s not FDA approved and keep the hype low. Stay under the radar and you’ll heal the masses when they come to you.
    Or you can accept that all things under God are controlled by him and you can easily neutralize micro structures we call germs and viruses and ailments of any kind by simply giving unto God and in turn receiving grace. This is the difference in the power of heaven and hell, the macrochasm and microchasm. Science and religion should have little to no barrier between them.
    Believe in the unseen 95% unmeasurable sources of what we see under the microscope/telescope. The world consists of mostly spiritual/dark matter that is the main influence on all things, connected in a tree of consciousness. Giving conscious control to the microchasm or unto germs is to give power to a fallen angel. Praying for grace to God or an angel and wishing upon a star in the macrochasm is to open oneself to the frequencies of the heavens which have all the power over what is beneath them.
    Transmutation of electromagnetic plasma waves manipulating phase conjugate atomic structures and the formation of molecules. Protein structures springing into existence in the presence of sunlight (Vitamin D).
    You’ll have your answers to all things if you only believe and acknowledge the unseen and unmeasured parts of existence. We only see with our eyes a portion of frequencies we call visible light, and hear with our ears a portion of frequencies we call sound. These are only a small percentage of frequencies of electromagnetic plasma energies.
    We must admit we know nothing in order to learn more.

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