Super high tides, supermoon, superquake?! Bloggers watch out for missinfo!

Blogs and news sites writing today about Fiji's superhightide.  FijiTimes in yesterday's edition issued an article named Super high tide. Nubukalou Creek in Suva, Fiji burst its bank with seawater flowing throught city streets. This kind of events happen on regular basis due heavy rains and high tides. The numbers of tide effect grow are still unknown. Here you can see tables of high an low tide measured in Suva Harbor, Fiji. Even on evening of supermoon the measurings in Suva Harbor shoved maximum high tide 1,84meter which is common during full moon. So where does this "superhigh tide" term come from?! And why? The article was posted on March 23nd and says yesterday morning, so it refers on March 22nd. The tidal table measurements show maximum tidal growth for 1,84 meter. Very usual for Suva Harbor tides.Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the Earth. Most places in the ocean usually experience two high tides and two low tides each day (semidiurnal tide), but some locations experience only one high and one low tide each day (diurnal tide).

Tide Table for March (Tailevu, Fiji)
Fiji 7 Day Tide Chart (Suva Harbor) TidesInfo (Suva, Fiji)

So, it's very hard for us bloggers to analyse every news we stumble upon. It is very important not to send off the unverified news or rumour that could  influences somebody's vision of world based upon hese wrong facts. Truth is there are many high tides and effects of the moon but we must separated facts from fiction. Every event now gets prefix "super" - there is supermoon, superquake, superhigh tide, super this, super that....It is important for us bloggers to check every news before publishing. Yes, it can be hard, it takes time to analyze data, to compare few sources, to make little research. Things are like this - when there's no much time we give privilege to information, classic copy paste with source. And the news gets to you. It is you who must check all the facts and understand that this blogs are not always our primar jiob that brings us many but our passion. Big effort and time are invested in this letters that you are reading. We, The Watchers are based in Croatia, Europe. English is not are spoken language so we make mistakes. We plead you to understand. We got comments and e-mails that our spelling is bad, that we use wrong phrases...Yes, and we are sorry for that. It is not easy to write editorials and make research when the news keep on coming from minute to minute. Find every word, check this frase....We make mistakes. And we don't like it. But, this is our passion, our love - to bring the truth, to bring the information, to discuss, to educate, to research, to comunicate with you.

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