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What about comet Elenin/Nibiru/Planet X/Tyche?


Nibiru/Planet X/Tyche/Nemesis/Elenin

Events to happen soon:

March 4

Nibiru breaks through solar ecliptic plane to enter northern hemisphere. 2.26 AU from Earth.

March 15 2011

Saturn, Nibiru, Earth, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are in alignment creating gravity trough
and pole shift event. First Conjunction. 2.09 AU from Earth.

March 4th, 2011

Marks the day that the brown dwarf (info) breaks through the ecliptic plane into the northern hemisphere to begin influencing the earth into convulsions and severe spasms. Earthquake and volcanic activity will escalate from this time forward and increase like birthpangs where the earth groans and the oceans slosh tidal waves too and fro.

March 15, 2011

The first of three conjunctions where the Eearth is caught in the gravitational gradient lines-or the trough-that binds the sun and brown dwarf together. The sun will be pulling one way and the brown dwarf the other way and the predicted pole shift event could take place. The interesting thing about this particular day is that Saturn, the brown dwarf, the Earth and the Sun and Mars and Jupiter and Uranus are all in alignment. The astronomy people and the media should be talking about this alignment, because rarely do seven planetary and solar bodies line up in a straight line like we see on March 15, 2011.

This gravity trough is going to be the mother of all where the planets are lined up for a game of  Tug of War. The earth will be susceptible to the brown dwarf's magnetism and flip over to match the giant's polarity like a smaller magnet flips in space for a larger one . This is the reason why so many people are giving out warnings concerning the conjunction and pole shift on March 15, 2011. The magnetic poles are not shifting on their own at some near future time. They are being influenced and shifted gradually by the approach of Nibiru/Planet X. The Govt knows (FEMA preparing = US Govt Bunker Map) all of this and keeps people in the dark, because there is only so many spaces in their underground bunkers. The brown dwarf will break through the solar ecliptic plane on March 4, 2011 to dramatically begin influencing the earth with greater ferocity. The first of three conjunctions takes place on March 15, 2011 where we have a near-seven body alignment that includes our mystery NASA comet. The brown dwarf crosses the Mars orbit on June 30, 2011. Keep your eye on the earth and sun distances as we continue.

Sept. 11, 2011
The second of 3 conjunctions- The comet which has a hyperbolic trajectory reaches perihelion on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks in 2001 which also happens to be

October 17, 2011
The comet makes its closest pass by Earth. It reaches maximum brightness as it passes within 0.232 AU or 21.5 million miles. (The moon is at an average distance of 238855 miles from Earth or the widths of 30 Earths end to end.)

Nov. 22, 2011
The third of 3 conjunctions

Orbit of Elenin
"Comets could pose a serious threat"-Interview with the Russian astronomer who discovered the comet in the past 20 years

Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1) made its debut on December 10th when Leonid Elenin, an observer in Lyubertsy, Russia, remotely acquired four 4-minute-long images using an 18-inch (45-cm) telescope at the ISON-NM observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico. Follow-up images by Aleksei Sergeyev and Artyom Novichonok at Maidanak Observatory in Uzbekistan revealed more about the new find: a teardrop-shaped, very diffuse coma just 6 arcseconds across and a tiny tail.

What's gotten hearts beating a little faster since the discovery is that Comet Elenin is still more than 4 astronomical units (375 million miles) from the Sun and headed inbound. It's still early, and the orbit is certain to change in the weeks ahead, but right now it appears the comet's perihelion will occur well inside Earth's orbit, about 0.45 a.u. (42 million miles) from the Sun, on September 5th.

Right now, odds are that Comet Elenin will become an easy target for binoculars around mid-August and reach naked-eye visibility for a couple of weeks around perihelion. The comet's elongation from the Sun shrinks to just 1° following perihelion, but soon thereafter the comet gets enough separate to position itself nicely for viewing in the predawn sky.

The tail will be pointing directly at Earth on 27-Sep-2011 (or it looks as though it will). The question is "How long will the tail be and will it reach Earth at this time?". On that day the Earth will be ".381" AU's away from the comet (approx. 30-35,000,000 miles). No matter how you look at it, the Earth will pass through the tail's debris (in one way or another) on that day or there after as the comet moves in front of Earth.

JPL Small-Body Database Browser
And here is sometning really interesting. A prolific sky-mapping telescope that has spent more than a year scanning the heavens for asteroids, comets and other cosmic objects received its last command from Feb. 17. The mission's principal investigator, Ned Wright of the University of California in Los Angeles, sent the final command to the now-hibernating spacecraft. The WISE spacecraft will remain in hibernation without ground contacts awaiting possible future use.

recommended video:
Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) pass near from the NASA STEREO-B spacecraft
Breaking News!! Planet X (Tyche) Admitted by Scientists on Feb 14, 2011!!
Comet Elenin – Path and Information – Oct. 2011 – It will be Upon Earth

COMET X1 Elenin@EarthIssues

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  1. Is there really a rogue planet heading toward earth?
    I keep seeing these stories and blurry photos of an
    admitted object. Then there are all the stories of
    ancient aliens about to return to earth from a 3600
    year orbit as per the Sumerians ancient writings.
    Can any of this be verified? Anyone can answer.

  2. Good report. I like W Thornhill’s electric unvierse theory but feel there is more. could it be that there is ‘incoming energy’ in the form of neutrinos? Heating planetary cores? And the gas cloud Fluff? Which in turn compresses the weaker gas field, the heliosphere? Condensing it down to perhaps the size of Earth’s orbit?
    The problem I have with EU is that our history seems to be periodic and not random– the little history we have of 10,000 y would seem to indicate that our periodic catastrophic event is less or perhaps we got smart enough to blunt the effects, via the pyramid moderator.
    2013 should see, if the mythology is correct, a sudden release and rebounding of the heliosphere and perhaps we will be able to determine if the event is due to an incursor or if the Milky Way is in its entirety a capacitor in periodic time.
    We live in eventful times.

  3. Watch the heavens, watch the sky, watch as the days go passing by. “It” will come this I know because a watcher told me so. Now I know what I must do for I have become a watcher too. When you know the end is near, watch and wait for “it” to appear. The watchers know things not of this world. They have been watching man since they were put on this earth. Watch “it’s” coming, will be here soon. Now you’ve been told the watchers are here, watch and wait because this all you can do unless you become a watcher to.

    Remember the watchers are watching you!!!

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